• Orange, bergamot,white melon, grapefruit
  • Absolute jasmin Sambac, absolute rose Marocco, lily of the valley, saffron, violet
  • Burmese oud, sandal Mysore, grey amber, ebony wood

A fruity mix of oriental roses, jasmines, amber and sweet woods. A floral cortège, where the aroma of the two great seducers envelops you in a perfumed yet disturbing veil, that remains faithful all day long. Rose Masqat is the standard reference for women’s fragrances, where Rose and Jasmine are lost in the dark folds of a sensual and warm Grey amber. Wood oud and sandalwood complete the rosy sensation of the jus, making it even more rich and sophisticated. A phosphorescent fuchsia sugared almond, envisaged for a woman in love; elegant and refined yet sure of her power of seductions. A modern perfume, much more complex than it may seem upon first encounter.


  • Date, black pepper, plum, toffee apple, pomegranade
  • Sandal Mysore, absolute iris Fiorentina, absolute rose centifolia, cedar wood
  • Burmese oud, grey musk, frankincense, absolute vanilla, honey

In Homer’s poem, Circe tells Odysseus that a flock of swallows took ambrosia to Olympus, where the gods lived in the hope of delighting them with its aroma and sweetness. Like the nectar of the Gods, this fragrance exudes honey, fruity and floral aromas. The fruity-sweet gourmet onset of white melon and black pepper, mixed with notes of apple with captivating shades of caramel instantly tempt the senses. The world of fragrance enters the Garden of Eden, allowing one to breathe in its delights. A heart that flirts with Florentine iris and osmanthus from the Manjuelong Valley in southwest China; a flower, that possesses an intense yet delicate bouquet, with a fragrant aura that extends for miles. It‘s hard to believe that this flower is the work of nature and not the work of the Moon or the Heavens.


  • Leather notes, coriander, raspberry, pink pepper, black pepper
  • Cedarwood, Burmese oud, iris Fiorentina, Oman Gold frankincense
  • Oakmoss, absolute vanilla, grey amber, labdanum, myrrh, grey musk

Inspired by a modern Cary Grant, Upper Class impersonates impeccable charm, natural elegance and subtle irony. A sweet – spicy fragrance with a slight hint of pink pepper and leather, followed by woody notes of Burmese oud and Omani incense. At the heart, a blend of rich wet earth tones blended with iris and precious woods notes are perceived. The green-musky base notes, enhanced by vanilla and myrrh give the fragrance strength and character. Similar to pollen that spreads through a lifeless city. Grey, like ashes swaying in a sky pierced by the sun’s rays. A “must” for the successful man- a man who is extremely attractive, elegant, refined and ironic. A man that is characterized by the perfect balance of elegance and simplicity. Reminiscent of the great Cary Grant in Hitchcock’s “To Catch a Thief”.


  • Bergamotto, vervain, cedar fruit, peach blossom
  • Absolute rose, violet, absolute jasmin Sambac, osmanthus
  • Absolute vanilla, patchouli, grey amber, sandal Mysore

A fresh, floral fragrance of pure femininity Flair is a playful and unapologetic celebration of feminine energy and style, that is true to the spirit of the woman who inspired it. A nectar of flowers prohibited to mortals. Fresh, almost fruity in its juiciness, it opens with a slightly green bergamot, cedar and peach blossom; a touch of honey and rose rounds off the composition giving it a cozy, comforting feel. Rich and soft, sublimely harmonious and “oh so very“ elegant. Flair is the epitome of female Haute Couture in fragrance.