• Y-Lang extra, cardamom, saffron, cloves
  • Burmese oud, absolute jasmin Sambac, cedar wood, tuberose, absolute rose Marocco 
  • Grey amber, oud Khanan, benzoin, vetiver, musk Tonkin

“A trailing oud, I wanted it to be exceptionally rich with jasmine, a scent that hits you like a tsunami.
Oud Jasmin is the scent of the “Arabian Nights”, the collection of short stories from the East, in which the terrible Sultan Shahriyar falls in love.
A scent that evokes the mysteries and beauties of Arab culture, the atmosphere of the starry heavens, the silences of the caravans that plough through the desert and the scent of musk, incense and myrrh that you perceive in eastern, arabesques buildings.
This oud, is characterized by smoky nuances; a combination of incense and leather with strong animalesque accents and earthy scents.
As sweet as chocolate and as fragrant as honey, however leaving a bitter and salty aftertaste.


  • Styrax, cumin, clary sage, sandalwood
  • Sandal Mysore, absolte jasmine Sambac, absolute iris Fiorentina
  • Burmese oud, grey musk, absolute vanilla, ebony wood, gurium

There are many examples of perfumes that are neither distinctly male nor female however, this characteristic certainly does not reduce its charm.
Often they possess that “special’ something; mysterious and intriguing that makes them particularly attractive.
This is undoubtedly the case of Oud Santal, a fascinating, spicy-woody fragrance reminiscent of the East the warm and enveloping Souk atmosphere and the starry skies of an Atlas.
A jus designed around two kings: Mysore sandalwood with its warm, sensual, balsamic aromas and precious Burmese Agar Oil, with its complex, woody-honeyed shades and antique leather notes.


  • Cedar, sage, saffron, juniper, cardamom
  • Absolute jasmin Sambac, absolute rose Marocco, y-lang extra
  • Burmese oud, grey musk, tonka bean, musk Tonkin, labdanum, frankincense

A unique scent, which evokes mysticism and the power of silence.
A legend tells the story of how the majestic aroma of woody Oudh, one of the most ancestral and characteristic scents of the Middle East, permeates throughout heaven.
The woody-animal-like aroma emits dreamlike desires, which envelope all those who use it, immediately transforming them into temples dedicated to the worship of for-fumum.
In Oud Al Melka’s trail, a concentrate of the best qualities of oud is perceived; an oud that is cleverly mixed with different varieties of rose, Sambac Jasmine and a trace of precious Grey amber, that upon contact with the skin,makes it, irresistibly sexy.